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bit of market research really... Ive always ran in Asics and am a forefoot runner.. I really fancy getting some Newtons but wondered what other people have made of them when moving over from 'normal' trainers.

Also what model does anyone recommend?


  • I bought a pair of Newtons recently from B2P in Windsor,really helpful advice from the guys there as they know the shoes inside out. I opted for the trial shoe, Momentus, as I do most of my running around forests near Bracknell. Took a couple of weeks to break in and they are now by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Strongly advise you go on to the Newton website as there are loads of videos and links to help you get the most from your shoes.

    Also, B2P are the cheapest online place I could find for Newtons. Great store to look around in person if you happen to be near Windsor.

    Lastly, would strongly recommend you get your hands on a book called Natural Running by Danny Abshire, he is the founder of Newton shoes at the book was great for explaining the theory behind the shoes and loads of tips and drills.

    Good luck....
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I am a natural mid foot runner and tried the Newtons out earlier this year as I am trying to go more forefoot - I absolutely love them - the ones I have are the Sir Isaacs. I only use mine for short distance though anyting over 10k and I use my Asics - partly because the newtons are damn expensive and I dont want to replace them too often.

    I do track sessions weekly and can honestly say I am generally 1 to 2 seconds quicker on 400 intervals with the newtons as apossed to the Asics, definately worth it for me, but everyone is different.
  • Thanks for those replies, just the sort of info I was after. I will defo check out those videos you mentioned and as its my birthday in feb I'll get the book too!! Tidy

    Cheers fellas
  • I would definitely recommend my Newtons.

    I've always used brooks adrenaline but after doing some research about Newton and looking on there site I even called them up to ask some questions I decided to get a pair.

    Since my first pair I have now bought 2 pairs and a race pair!

    I've put a review of them if your interested in my training blog.

    http://www.marts2smooth.co.uk/2011/09/n ... mance.html

    If youve got some more question about the fit etc give me a shout!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    OK shoes, pricey & personally did nothing to promote forefoot running. That took me buying some Merrell True Glove shoes, similar to 5 fingers but without the 'fingers'..although I know them as toes since they are on my feet. Jones the bootmakers have them half price at the mo...£42.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    If you are a forefoot striker already, then you want to consider the original ones (rather than the sir Isaacs which are a halfway house to convert heel strikers in a less aggressive way.

    You can decide if you want the lighter race shoe, or the heavier training shoe. The heavier one will last longer.

    I have the lighter race one. It is a nice shoe. Over a 10k the weight saving can translate to a good few seconds.

    However, (as britspin hints at) the market has moved on since the Newton was introduced and there is no a lot of competition.

    I am currently buying inov-8 shoes - more choice than newtons, cheaper, and, I would argue, a better set of choices and more appeal for a forefoot striker.
  • Thanks for all your replies.. I'll check out your blog for sure. It's interesting what you say about innov 8, i use thier mudclaws for fells and love them. Maybe I'll do the comparison. I'll be using them for Ironman so maybe the harder wearing ones would be better ??
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