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Wetsuit decision

Hi Guys,

Just need a bit of help on a wetsuit decision - it'll be my first one, never done a triathlon before, but will be competing in the UK Ironman race + other preparation races this year.

Narrowed it down to either the 2xu T:2 Team 2011, or possibly the 2xu R:1 Race 2011, or the Tyr Hurricane Wetsuit Category 3 2011.

Anyone have any experience with these, or know of any reviews online anywhere (haven't found anything particularly useful so far)? Otherwise my decision is pretty much going to be a shot in the dark!




  • ScoutyScouty Posts: 8
    I only took up Tri at the latter end of last season and, like you, was a bit lost when it came to picking a wetsuit! It's an awful lot of money to shell out! Most people will agree that fit is king when it comes to wetsuits so the best thing to do is get along to your local shop and try some on. I did, and ended up with a 2XU T:2 which has been great. As my swimming was really weak, the extra buoyancy in the T2 really improved my body position in the water. I had a bit of an issue with it in that it ripped just below the zip about 3 months in, but my local Tri shop sorted out a no-quibble exchange with 2xu UK which I was really impressed with. I had a brand new suit within the week!

    Hope this helps a little!
  • getting the fit right is probably going to be even more difficult - there's no store's in the area where i live that sell tri clothing / wetsuits, only bike or running shops unfortunately.

    going to have to guess on the size, order and keep returning it till it's right. there is literally no aspect of triathlon that is easy!
  • there is literally no aspect of triathlon that is easy!
    Yes there is - entering events is easy.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Have you considered hire for your first wettie?

    FIT IS KING and if your going to do and ironman in it then fit is KING more so.

    On line size charts are ok. Just remember when it turns up it supposed to be tight!
  • HollyHolly Posts: 6
    I would suggest it would be best for you to make the effort to go to a proper triathlon shop with a wide range of suits and get all the advice you need in order to buy the right suit first time. As you say, you are a newbie and therefore may not know youve got the right size even if you have. If youre not used to wetsuits you may think its too tight when its actually a perfect fit. Getting advice from a shop would stop this happening!!

    Also you cant really narrow brands down before youve tried them on. You may not suit a 2xu.
  • Where in the UK are you based?

    Wetsuits are one of the few things that are worth putting the effort into travelling to try. A shop can advise you, for you, reccommend particular suits for your shape and needs. Wiggle cannot offer advice like this.
  • Hire a wet suit for £50 for the season for your first season.

    You might (heaven forbid) hate triathlon but at least have hated it the cheapest way!
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