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T1... Cycling Shoes already on the bike or not?

Being a newbie to this sport, can anyone offer any advice at to wether or not its worth practising getting on my bike with the shoes already attached to my clipless pedals at T1? If it is worth trying... any tips?


  • SickBoySickBoy Posts: 19
    If you're totally new to it I'd say no. It depends on how confident you are on the bike I guess but in reality you are unlikely to save yourself that much time and are possibly setting yourself up for a spectacular DNF!

    I'm new to tri and currently I'm just putting my bike shoes on in T1 and running in them to the mount line, it's not too bad with cleats and you shouldn't have a massive distance to cover. I won't start having the shoes on the bike until I'm fully confident I won't screw up the mount
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    It depends on how fast you're planning on doing it. If you're looking to shave seconds off of your already really fast PB, then give it a crack. If not, I would suggest there are plenty of other things you could spend your time practicing.

    Having said that, when you do pull it off, it is very satisfying. I tried it at Blenheim the last time i did it and my T1 was in the top 10 and not much slower than the pros. I haven't done it since though, as you have to practice a lot to be able to do it properly (if you spend the 1st 100 meters on the bike struggling with a strap, you might as well not have bothered) and i have other things to spend time practicing - such as swimming faster, running faster, cycling faster and posting comments on forums.

    Practicing T2 is easier (getting out of your shoes and then scooting into transition) and will save you time. You can just practice doing this at the end of all of your training rides and during brick sessions. It is also very satisfying when you get it right.

    the thing with all of this stuff, is that we're talking seconds in terms of time saved. And possibly minutes lost of you cock it up.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    I'd never try to run in cycle shoes.....unless they are the mtb type with the recessed cleat!

    Have the shoes fitted to the pedals and use the elastic band trick to keep em in place.
    Leap on if u want or just stop at the line and climb on - tho I reccomend you do choose the latter to do it to one side in case others are about to leap aboard behind you.

    Final tip.....have it in a low gear
  • DeanoDeano Posts: 4
    Ok.................. Thanks for all your help, seems to be mixed views about this one If I decide to practice with the shoes on the bike (whick i've not been brave enough to do, so far ), can anyone explain to me what the elastic band trick is.... just to limit the possibility of me falling off!
  • Elastic bands threaded through the loops on the back of your shoes and hooked onto your bike, they keep the shoes level so when you mount/step on they're not hanging upside down and you can get your foot in easier - when you start pedalling the bands snap and you're off...

    Good luck
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