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Chrissie takes a break

Afternoon all

Sure you've seen that Chrissie has decided to take a break from Ironman for 2012... http://www.220triathlon.com/news/chrissie-takes-break

What do you think of this?

You think she'll come back stronger than ever in 2013?

Or how about London 2012? She ran a 2hr 44mins marathon at Roth, you think Chrissie could make Team GB's Olympic marathon team (the qualifying cut-off is 2:31mins)? There's a rumour doing the rounds that she'll enter the London marathon in April.

Cheers, Matt (220)


  • First off 'total respect' for her decision.

    I personally think that writting her book which is out in the middle of next month may have played a big part in this. Chrissie is not a typical pro having come to the sport later than most at this top level. I am sure her book has made her think about what future chapeters in her life might hold, and why not, this is part maturing as an adult.

    I guess Kona took a lot out of her, more than i suspect we will ever know. To make a bid for either the road time trial or the marathon team at the Olympics is a very long shot and one I don't honestly see happening. I think a lot of this is about a mental recharge and quite possibly starting a family, whatever it is about she has every right to make the decisions she has and will do this year.

    What I do suspect is if/when she comes back to Ironman racing she will be as strong as ever and we might be seeing something very special if she does. At the end of the day CW is an incredible human being and not your typical profesional 'sportsman' as such this was a surprise anouncement, then again maybe it wasn't.
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