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New bike - Canyon?

Hi, I'm about to get a new bike.
I was thinking of this one:

http://www.canyon.com/_uk/triathlonbike ... tml?b=2525

Anyone have any experience with Canyon and their TT bikes?


  • Without doubt by taking out a dealer network you get a lot of bike for your money. The review on bike radar is pretty impressive as well.

    My personal viewpoint is that in terms of 2nd generation bikes out there, what I mean is bike design which was cutting edge 2/3 years ago this might be the best value/performance bike out there. There is nothing that you could call inovative about anything on the bike, but do you want to pay double the premium to get into that sort of teritory?

    I think this is a market position that Canyon is happy to take and specialise in. As a result I think they do a better job than a mainstream manufaturer such as Trek, Specialized, Felt etc at this price point. These companies at this mark are selling on yesterdays inovation down the line, because of this there are often niggles in bikes to get sorted out because they were originaly pushing the envelope.

    I have considered the bike up from this. At first |I had concerns abount no dealer network, but this is a solid design with tried and tested components you know what you get really. It would be nice if there was a better paintwork job but as Henry Ford said any colour as long as its..... The only reason I am holding back is seeing if I can improve my bike training to the power output levels to be really competitive. If I can then the nagging doubt is will 10 minutes gain be worth a few thousand quid in respect to ultimate goals. If I can't get that sort of improvement over the next year i am likewise very much looking at a Canyon as a rock solid race bike which matches my abilities at a very good price.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    A bike that fits you is more important than a bike.
  • Hey that's not bad is it !!!

    Not bad at all.

    Great chainset but they've scrimped on the bars ( can't have it all though)

    Deffo worth a look
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