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Kona question...just wondering?!?

Hi there, i was just wondering if somebody could tell me..
what sort of time would you have to be doing and roughly what sort of splits would you be looking at to qualify for Kona??



  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    What age group and which races?

    I think all the info should be on the various official Ironman websites. You will be able to see who qualified for Kona from which events I think and thus the times they did.

    Roughly speaking, up to age about 40, I'm guessing you need to do sub 10 hours as an absolute minimum?
  • It depends on the Ironman event you take part in. If its Austria you will need to be under 9 hours to qualify for some groups, however if its Wales or England probably 10 hours.
  • I would say easily sub 10hr for up to 50 age group with current standards. There are a number of factors you need to then consider.

    If you seriously are looking at this first decide where your strengths lie and then look at the make up of a number of courses to find where your best chances might be better executed a flat corse a hilly bike flat run etc..... You will then find previous years split times easily available as past results which should give you a better idea.

    The next point is what was the weather like on previous years. For example if you turned up at Ironman UK this year using the previous few years results as a benchmark you were going to be a fair bit off the pace as the conditions were near perfect and large chunks were being knocked off previous years qualifications times. So you could have gone round with the perfect pace plan only to have a friend screaming at you with a few miles of the run left that you had to make up 15 minutes and get past 6 other guys out there.

    The last point what is the international field. This is a global qualification process so dont think its just pros turning up from abroad. nearly every age group will have a dozen or so people from around the world who are all pretty competitive and looking for that elusive spot. if they didn't think they had a chance then why spend a few grand. The UK events are towards the end of the qualification season and pretty open to this sort of attack principle.

    My own feelings is the best way is to dedicate what ever time you can to the training and strive to be the best you can possibly be and that should be enough. if you are very fortunate that this brings along the chance to go to Kona face that decision if it does come along, if the goal is to qualify then for the vast majority this is a path leading to failure even with the best intentions.
  • Thanks for some very informative responces. I honestly don't think I've got the abilities yet to be going sub 10 hours.. But you never know!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Dare I say it? But you might find this article interesting - from one of 220's rivals. Ahem.

    http://triathlete-europe.competitor.com ... -for-kona/
  • Interesting article but are the stats a bit biased against Ironman UK on two counts.

    Firstly it is a pretty challenging in triathlon terms bike course for many and so finishing times will be pushed up a bit. Secondly is this an event that has a larger proportion of shall i call them 'charity racers?' I am not setting out to diminish anyones performances but would not be too surprised that here in the UK there is a large percentage of race entrants who are happy with a 14 to 16 hour finish time and are taking on the challenge of the distance rather than the clock than at other events.

    If these points are valid is Ironman UK a soft option to Kona? What the article may indicate is that there are a lot of very good individuals either looking for pan flat courses as a means to qualification, or that a large volume going for PB's the environment pushes the top of the age group field together.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I am doing IM NZ in 5 weeks time and going off last years results Ill have to do a minimum of 9:20 to realistically be in with a chance with bagging a slot in Kona. The final place ROLLED DOWN to a 9:24 last year in my AG (30-34), and theres not alot of change in times until you hit 45+.......
  • And knowing Jase he's honna be killing himself for that slot .

    Will be watching with baited breath mate
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