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Suunto T6 watch

I have a Suunto T6 for sale used but in great condition

It comes with bike pod, bike bracket, obviously the watch, CD rom for downloading everything and a USB to connect the watch to the PC. does stuff like altitude, splits, HR, bike cadence etc etc

I'll dig out the HR strap too.

No scratches to screen. Will happily e mail pics to you if you wish - I'm only selling as I got a new watch for Xmas/Bday

Here it is some blurb :

The Suunto T6 is the pinnacle of heart rate monitoring technology. Suunto have produced one of the most technologically advanced heart rate monitoring product on the market. It can be used by ALL ABILITY levels from beginner / general health and fitness enthusiast to serious professional athlete :

vertical speed,
altitude alarm,
asc/dsc alarm,
logbook with waypoint recording,
altitude difference,
online cumulative ascent,
alti/baro lock, to allow for weather based, or motion based barometric pressure changes

sea level pressure,
absolute pressure,
48-hour memory,

Heart rate monitor with following functions:
total duration of the exercise and the number of laps
Heart Rate can be viewed as normal beats per minute (BPM) or as a % of maximum HR.
total exercise (while stop watch or logbook has been running) average heart rate
maximum, minimum and average heart rates for session
maximum recordable HR 240, lowest recordable HR 30 beats per minute
time spent above high HR limit
time spent below lowest HR limit
heart rate limits alarm, manually set.
countdown timer - warm up and interval reminder.

I would post more but I'm only allowed to use 2000 characters
I think that's about it folks.

£55 posted


  • Hi, is this still available?

    Sorry for the basic questions - but does it require any pods etc for measuring distances or does it use GPS for this?

    I think I ought to use a HRM for my training this year and would like GPS too.
  • I do believe you can get a foot pod for it but I don't have that.

    I'll post a link so you can read all about it
  • Sold
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