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Never deal with this company....I can honestly say it is the worse company I have dealt with....
Wetsuit bought on the 14th Dec.....arrived exactly 1 month later.
Wetsuit in appalling condition & returned.
Still awaiting refund..... now going through credit card co.
Awful at answering phone & emails...bad all round service.
Rant over!


  • Quick solve for this...

    go into a tri specialist
    try on as many suits as you can to find the perfect fit for you and your budget
    pay the shop some money for the item
    take it away in your hands safe in the knowledge that you own a correct fitting, fit for purpose, brand new suit.
    smile and enjoy the season!
  • I've just been charged £120.00 for a wetsuit which I hired and bought last year. Phoned to raise the issue and arrange a refund only to be dealt with by an extremely rude representative who did not say sorry for the large sum of money swiped from my account, did not give me a straight answer, would not put me through to management. 

    I am £120.00 out of pocket, with no answer of when I will get it back and fuming from the way it has been handled. Please my advise is not to use this company, awful in every way!!! 

  • I agree, wetsuithire are a terrible company to deal with. I purchased a wetsuit in January but I got a tear in the back of it recently. The warranty on the suits is 2 years. However I was charged £18 for the replacement!

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