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Blenheim 2011, bike route??

Hi all,
I've signed up for next years sprint at Blenheim palace as my first open water event, with swimming being far from a strong discipline of mine it's going to be a real challenge. Does, however, anyone know what the bike route is like? Particularly hilly? Any information will be appreciated.


  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    the bike leg is three laps, each with two pretty sharp (although not massivley long) inclines. The run is two laps with a similar profile. The run out of the swim is 400m up hill.

    It's actually quite a tough one as sprints go. But you'll forget all that when you are there - it has a great vibe and usually attracts a pretty decent pro field if you fancy getting there a bit earlier on the Sunday: Tim Don won last year, and Chrissie won it a few years back.
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Enjoy the green water. The run up to T1 is the worst bit - remember to run on your toes as I bruised my heel last year.

    I must admit I thought the "hills" werent as bad as was made out. Fast long downhills more than made up for the climbing. Its the cattle grids that will get you, even though they are covered up they are a real bump and you need to hit them straight.
  • The bike is really technical, steep and tight and very busy with lots of novices who will get in the way - shout loudly when you overtake - it can get hairy!

    Take PLENTY of time to get down to the swim - it is further away than you think, very busy with spectators and it's easy to miss the 'crossing points' over the swim-out to get to the lake and you can get get flustered.

    The swim is straightforward and you get a really good 'warm-up' on land before you get in. The swim out IS steep, but do-able but the mats don't cover the stony ground up well and it is a bit 'ouchy!' Don't take your wetsuit off too soon on the swim out - wait till you cross the timing mat half-way up or it will be added time to your swimtime.

    The run is long and steep and goes on FOREVER. Oh, I hate running!

    Enjoy it on the day - it is a great atmosphere & see you there!
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