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Numb balls!?

Right then. With the weAther being so bad recently I've been using the turbo a lot more. And I've noticed that I'm getting numb balls more often than not
Does anyone else find this, or what do others do with their seat position...angle it forward?????


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Try an ISM adamo saddle.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Used to get this a lot when using the road bike as my turbo bike but since the TT doesn't get used in the winter then its the turbo bike. Don't get it as much which is down to the saddle.

    Two things - loads of padding makes it worse and its how you are sitting on the saddle. Out of the road you tend to move about a bit more so less pressure. Try getting up out the saddle every now and again to ease the pressure. Try sitting further back so that the pelvis is fully covering the back of the saddle as well.

    Other than that its one of those things...
  • After the Cowman middle last year I lost all feeling down below for 24 hrs.

    Its the perieneal nerve that takes a kicking. dont worry about it
  • I get the numbness on the turbo but not on rollers, since swapped to an adamo saddle and that's helped alot, my lbs lent me one for a month to try out.
  • I cant believe people have suggested it's not too much of an issue...

    Yes DO worry about it!

    Constant pinching of the nerves like that can lead to permanent damage - genital numbness and dysfunction!

    I was getting it a lot on the turbo trainer, so I angled my seat forward and it's not as bad now! I find when I ride out on the road I slip forward on the saddle a touch, so I angle it back for road riding. But numbness doesn't happen so much on the road due to shifting positions. But it still occurs a little bit.
    Before the season starts I am going to look into buying a better saddle with a split at the front which allows relief to the perineum. So i strongly echo the advice given by those who have recommended a new saddle!

    I speak from experience when it comes to nerve damage. I was getting numb little and ring fingers while riding my mountain bike a couple of winters back. I thought it was down to the cold weather and ignored it. I have now done permanent damage to the ulnal nerve and cannot ride my mountain bike any more! I also have problems when my ulnar takes a beating from other activities such as digging. the result is that I cannot grip tools and loose all the strength in my hands when it flares up...not good for someone who works with his hands such as I do!!!
    I am now waiting for surgery to re-position the nerves so I can have the use of my hands back properly!

    So if you value your sex life, and I imagine you do, then do something about it!!!
  • Jules wrote:
    Try an ISM adamo saddle.
  • Those selle smp saddles look interesting as well, bloody expensive though, I wish there was a dealer close by where I could trial one for a week or 2, its just too much money to buy to try first.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have a Selle SMP Hybrid got it for about £58 but they are normally £65-74

    +1 for Vybermanthe risk of nerve damage should not be treated lightly
  • May find some advice in the middle of this.....
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IztrB6MG ... e=youtu.be

  • I live with 3 cyclists, and we've found it pretty standard to get numb 'down there' when on the turbo!
  • I got an ISM Adamo 'Road' from a company called Freespeed who were demo-ing their bike fit at Windsor last year. I went down to Chiswick to see them, and the bloke (Richard Melik) actually lent me one for a couple of weeks to see how I got on with it.

    The ISM saddles put more of the pressure on your sit bones which takes some getting used to, but all in all I would definitely recommend giving one of them a go. No more numbness.
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