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Tufo Tub Tape?

Hi!.....Just Wondering has anyone tried using Tufo Tub Tape on Continental Competition Tubulars?

If so how did it work out?......Good bond?



  • Just use jantex

    Hussler gave me some advice a couple of years ago

    Its great stuff. I have no idea about Tufo tape but I can vouch for Jantex 100%
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    As Ben said +1

    Jantex is bloody sticky stuff. Haven't used Tufo as I've not needed to switch from Jantex
  • Cheers Guys!........The reason why I asked was as I'm new to the use of Tubs, I'm just trying to find the easiest stuff to use should I puncture in an event, and was concerned with the backing paper tearing as I've seen a few review's mentioning this and didn't want to be faffing around trying to finish peeling a torn piece of tape lol.

    Don't mind taking the time to do it at home in the garage with the posible complication of torn tape e.t.c. but would rather not have complications in a race!

    Am I reading to much into the whole process?

  • Just to add to the above......it was jantex reviews I'd read concerning the tape tearing!

  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174

    Yes it tears, but it's easier to get your tyre off than Tufo.

    Do it this way (my vid) to make it easier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2foDqzXE ... AAAAAAADAA

    Put your spare tub on your wheel 1st though overnight - no tape - pump it up to 100 ish psi and take it off in the morning - then it will be easier to fit come race day if you need to change your tyre (it will be pre-stretched then).

    Peel off one side of the tape and stick it to your wheel - then fit your road tyre, then do as my vid.

    If you get a flat, just rip off the old tyre and there will be enough glue residue form the tape to hold the spare on until you get home.

    Hope that helps,

  • Cheers Pat!.........just concerned with the tub coming off when not replacing tub tape
  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174

    The wheel will remain sticky after you pull a punctured tub off, some of the tape may even stay on the wheel.

    Air pressure alone will hold a tub on to get you home, as long as you're a bit cautious on corners and get somewhere around 120psi in one.

  • Cool
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    As mentioned by Ben and shadow above, I use jantex tape, never had a problem with it. I would never use a tub and rely on the excess glue to hold the tub on if you puncture. Just take a spare roll of tape with you and if you do puncture put new tape on as you replace the tub.
    I can replace a tub, complete from removing old tub to new tape and tub on and inflated in less than 8 minutes. If you run deep rims just remember to put a valve extender on your spare before heading out! Last thing you need is to realise you can't remove the extender off the punctured tub and you don't have one per fitted to the spare!!!
  • Cheers for the advice, I think I'll go with using the tape in a race should I puncture even if I loose a couple of minutes doing it, as I know I won't be able to slow down to take corners "cautiously" and know I'll have much more fun going flat out to try and make some time back!

    Cheers Nige
  • FirestarterFirestarter Posts: 120
    hussler. wrote:
    I can replace a tub, complete from removing old tub to new tape and tub on and inflated in less than 8 minutes.

    Pffft, amateur. I can replace a tub complete from removing old tub to new tape and tub on and inflated AND go for a modest sized dump, in 6 minutes 26.7 seconds (approximately).
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