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Help needed with a vote...

Hi all
I'm posting the forums to ask you a favour kind of out of desperation!
But it's a tiny favour that will only take a very small moment of your time...30 seconds top!!!

I am involved in the Sportpursuit pledge ledge competition on facebook. MY pledge is to complete ironman Wales and raise money for the British lung foundation.
In order to raise a bit extra I have entered the competition as they bung £100 into the charity fund. The rest of the prize is sporting kit to train/race in.
I am currently in second place but I am running out of people I can ask to vote for me! So the logical choice is to ask other triathletes as you have an interest in showing the world that tritahletes are better at everything (other than quitting)
It takes no time at all to vote and they wont spam you (although the company doing it does sell some damn good kit at very cheap prices, so they are worth a look!)

Just click on this link, http://bit.ly/w6jFsU you may have to "like" the page, but some folk have told me they didn't have to...then just click on the big blue vote button next to my picture. (Garry, leicester)
And that's it, your done...Simple!!!

Thanks in advance for your help! It's all for a very good cause!


  • Come on folks...Only had 3 more votes this evening. So I'm guessing this request for a bit of help hasn't gone down well?

    It don't cost a penny and it literally takes 20-30 seconds of your time. Not too much to ask for a charitable cause is it?
  • I voted for you, but then I already liked SP on Facebook. Maybe others don't want to?
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