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Heart Rates and Zones

I am frustrated and despite what I have read, completely clueless (still).

I am starting out in triathlon and have been training for a few months now but have no idea what I should or shouldn't be doing (to the point where I think I need to subscribe/pay monthly for a trainer who will tell me what to do - end of story - and I can let my head rest a little).

Here's the deal - At the moment I can comfortably ride 40km in 80 minutes (easy pace - feels effortless really)

I can run 10km very comfortably in 50-60 minutes. I did test myself and ran 10K in 43 minutes a few months ago but haven't bothered running that fast since (plus I am coming out of an injury - hmmm - maybe the 43 minutes was a contributing factor!!)

The problem is heart rates, zones and and what training pace I should be doing - when I run 10K in 50-60 minutes my HR swings between 160 and 175 (which according to the calculations in Mens Running is my max intensity level) but I feel absolutely fine at this pace (I usually start breaking a sweat after 3-5 kms).

I am turning 40 this year (so without having a maths degree I am supposed to use the following equation):

(Max HR 180 - Resting HR of 70) multiplied by .90 (max %) + 70 = 170

Does this mean I should run/cycle slower? What do I need to do to get my 10K run in the 30 minute bracket?



  • I'm no expert here, but here's what I've found:

    There are several ways to calculate max HR
    But remember that these are just formula for 'general' people - you may be outside of these guides.

    I'm 43, so doing these calculations gives me a max HR of between 177 and 187
    If we pick the 187 and assume that my resting HR is 57, then my working range is 187-57 = 130.

    So, my 60% to 70% range would be 135 to 148 (60% of 130 + 57 = 135)
    My 70% to 80% range would be 148 to 161
    My 80% to 90% range would be 161 to 174

    Info here on how to train in the zones:
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    You're in a mess.

    Everyone on this forum can give a different answer to your problems and for every one of them they will work but none of them are likely to work for you. So, get a coach who can work with you face to face and build up a training plan specific to you. Don't go for one of those remote email things otherwise you could end up in the same mess but with less dosh in your pocket.


  • Thanks for the help - I am going to speak/sort it with a coach (start as I mean to go on...). I fear I will continually second guess what I am doing.
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