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Speedo Wetsuits

I am looking at buying a Speedo tri pro/elite wetsuit, anyone used one before or have any comments/reviews?

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  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I've got the elite (gold arms) and its a very good suit. Try gain reaction cycles they had an offer on for their 2011 suits at £235 down from £400.
    Nice and flexible, be artful with sizes though. I fell in between small and medium, opting for the small and it is perfect tightness but very close to being too short, I'm 5'9" and 70kgs.....
  • his wetsuit won't be one that is ballooning up full of water - you need to actually let it in when you get into the water as the fit is so close, especially around the neck (don't worry, it's not restrictive!). It hugs your body really nicely, the legs aren't too long as to make it difficult to get off. Overall - very good.
  • Not sure were you are in the country but we are hosting some new open water training sessions at Colwick Lake Nottingham starting Mid April and will have some Speedo wetsuits for trial during the sessions or if your confident of model and size you want drop me a private message with your contact details for price and availability on latest 2012 products
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