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Training Camp - Scotland (residential)

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately my training has stalled completely this year due to tearing a muscle in my Shoulder.

However, I am running several Swim Camps with Gary Vandermeulen over Easter and Summer. These will be based at Glenalmond (Perth) which gives an ideal Training base for Triathletes!!!
As well as a 25m pool (which will be well used) where we focus on technique, balance and holding water - there is ample woodland, pitches and a golf course for running and plenty of quiet undulating roads for cycling (circuits from 20km to 150km can be started from our base).

Gary was an Olympic Swimmer, 2x Olympic Coach and 2x British Coach of the year. These camps are a great opportunity to improve on your swimming and keep on the move in shoes too.

You can get further info from me or sheppard swim school website


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I can vouch for Gary - he has provided me with a few lessons in the past and made a huge difference.

    Unfort the location for me means that I can't get there - If there was a more central belt location then it would be ideal but Perth is too far.
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