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Hever tri

I've just signed up for the mid distance tri at hever. I've never done one before and just wanted to get any advice or tips - especially if you've done this one.


  • XpiderXpider Posts: 22
    hi James

    did mid last year at hever castle. location is fab and the bike route has some interesting climbs straight out of t1 near enough. run course is pretty flat so no issues there. the swim last September was freeeeeezing and the lake had way tooooo much weed which was a pain. apart from that a well organised picturesque event.

  • Thanks mike - very helpful - hoping for a hot summer to heat up lake! Also heard it doesn't smell too great either!
  • XpiderXpider Posts: 22
    lol I had a nose plug on so I couldn't tell you, tho came out like a swamp monster
  • I live just down the road from the castle and agree it's an awesome location for a triathlon. However, despite the convenience of doing a tri right on my doorstep, I can't see that I'll ever do this one purely because the lake that you swim in is absolutely disgusting! - even by triathlon standards. I've heard so many bad things from friends that have done it and it's put them off triathlon for life it's that bad.

    the road in the area for the cycle are good, all quiet country lanes that I use to train on, but the road surface is pretty poor quality for anyone that's not used to cycling in the area.

    it's really disappointing as this is a lovely area, let down by the water quality in the lake and road surfaces.
  • I'm looking at doing the Hever Tri too and it will be my first one.

    As already said, the weed last year was meant to be really bad! A friend who competed did say he would never do it again because of that!!
  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69
    The swim sounds great! Thanks for the tip
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