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Thule Rear Wheel Bike Strap


Can anyone advise where I could aquire a longer than standard rear wheel holding strap for a Thule roof bike carrier.

I've a Thule 561 which is great, but the strap is just too short when trying to attach with a deep section aero wheel. - I'm sure others must have over come this problem somehow?




  • Nip into Halfords and pick one up from there
  • jordyaljordyal Posts: 18

    Not having much joy with this.
    My bike shop contacted Thule who say no such longer rear ratchet strap exists.

    I can';t be the only one who has found this a challenge.
    How are others attaching a deep section carbon rim to their bike carriers?

    Any help much appreciated.

  • Thats terrible !!

    It's going to be simply removing the wheel !

    Can you not buy a new longer strap from anywhere and fix it to the carrier ?

    I'm struggling to understand what's gone wrong !
  • jordyaljordyal Posts: 18
    I just want advice on where I can buy a longer strap from. - Any clues?
  • Halfords !!!!!
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