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Flatish Olympic Distance


I am looking to take on an olympic distance Tri in 2011, had a good first year in the sport. I would like an easier one if poss so was looking for something flat and on closed roads.

Don't want to do London as I cant imagine 13000 people in transition.

Any suggestions.

P.S looking to up it to 70.3 in 2012 so looking for a similar profile.

Thanks in advance.


  • Don't be fooled into thinking that flat will make it easy. Flat means pedalling for the whole 40km. Rolling rides however have a challenge of the uphills, but the fast downhills enable some recovery.
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    Well that is very true but I tend to go too ballistic on the hills, then when it comes to the run I cramp almost instantly.

    I live in Cornwall and flat is not an option down here. Thought flat may make the whole experience a bit more pleasereable.

    any reply is valued information and will take that on board, cheers.
  • May be a way for you travel but MIlton Keynes was flatish. It just had one major hill you had to do twice, but the majority of it was flatish and there were plently of guys ducking under 1 hour for the 40km.

    Plus I can only praise the organisation and event. It was my first Oly and i couldn't have hoped for a better experience.

    There are a few around the New Forest, which are a lot closer for you, but I'm unsure of the terrain.

    I suppose if you thought about London before, how about Windsor (a bit closer to you)?

    Good luck with what you decide.

  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    New Forest definately not flat!

    I doubt you'll find one on closed roads other than London.

    Flatish, I believe Shropshire tri is pretty flat, as is lake Vyrnwy olympic. I did clacton this year and that didn't have any major hills.

    Also Marshman do a series of races. I did the half IM this year and the course was pan flat, very windy though but would be a good HIM if you are looking for a flat one.

    Don't know of any in SW.
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126

    I did Liverpool Olympic last year and loved it. It was my first OD race and first OW swim.

    The swim was in the calm waters of the dock. The bike was a 4 lap ride in the city centre on closed roads and was pancake flat and very fast and the run was a 2 lap jaunt around some of Liverpools best sites finishing in front of the Echo Arena.

    It was an excellent race on a fast, flat course and had masses of support for the entire route. You also got quite a tasty finishers medal.

    I would definately race this again but unfotunately it clashes with IM70.3 so cant do it this year but would definately reccommend it.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    The Ripon Black sheep tri,is a remarkably flat OD tri,even if it is in Yorkshire.Very well run,good value for money and family friendly.
    The swim is a short 1500m,but the bike is just over the 40k distance,and the run is a pancake flat exact 10k.
  • London isn't that bad - the size of each group means transition is never packed - just remember the row number your bike is in... I didn't have any issue with the size of the field at all and I have done sprints where it is busier on the bike route

    The only issue is the swim -it is narrow and slow and you get kicked in the face

    The bike has a few little rises on flyovers but overall it is flat and you get a great ride in to London on closed roads.

    Run is like a snooker table.
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