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Drills in Open water swimming

I have been putting in the time during the winter in the pool. I have added a lot of drills and structure to my sessions and the improvement are very noticeable.

Thinking ahead I will be getting out in the open water in a couple of months and avoiding the pool. Does anyone train regularly in open water and what drills sessions do they use?

I am lucky to live 15min and work within 5min of suitable open water here in the Lake district and swim in a wetsuit throughout the summer (with only a couple of exceptions when it was very warm and a short swim). It is a lot less convenient and enjoyable to swim in a pool.



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    Hey Derek,

    If you're wondering about what types of drills you can do in open water, if it's not to choppy you can stick to your regular drills. Some good things to practice in OW though are:
    - Sighting and navigation
    - Punching through chop and riding with the swell
    - Entering and exiting the water

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