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participation in triathlon research


I am a final year student at Leeds metropolitan university

I am looking for triathletes to complete my dissertation questionnaire via the following link:


The study is investigating participation in triathlon

The survey is anonymous, has been ethically approved and should only take 5 minutes of your time.

Much appreciated


  • wayfarerwayfarer Posts: 34

    Started to complete the survey, but stopped for the following reasons:
    - The number of spelling mistakes
    - Multiple requests for similar/the same information

    Sorry for the negative feedback, but it is meant constructively.
  • And I am not an elite nor a social triathlete so does that preclude me from completing it - you say I've been chosen when in fact your canvassing for us to help you out.

    I am confused ?

    And grammatically is pretty poor too.

    Good luck though.
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