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Triathlon Show

How is it?? Don't think anyone has mentioned it on here.
I'm going tomorrow. Lots of freebies etc?


  • Well I had a great day! Met Chrissie W, went in endless pool, found the Watt bikes helpful & got lots of gels & bars etc!!
  • same here, really enjoyed it this year .. the main thing for me was having some things that I wanted to get out of the show ... i used to just go and walk up and down all the exhibiters and get bored after about an hour. This time I watched the swim instruction for ages to best understand how to use fins and paddles .. then bough t some .. then met CW, got her booked signed and compulsary photo with her. Then sat in on a couple seminar sessions, then did the all the stands and got a fuel belt also. very productive day .. tasted most energy bars for the sake of it - as you do.

    I almost bought the Grid Roller .. it seems great and now that i'm upping my distances in prep for a HIM .. i'm really starting to see the use of one .. as muscles can get really achy .. I actually have been using the cardboard innner to our baking foil .. time for an upgrade.

    re-inspired for 2012.
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