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Can anyone recommend where to go for a professional bike fitting for my current bike in Essex or London



  • Ok so not in London or Essex but go and see Mike Taylor at Bridgtown Cycles in Staffordshire.

    Mike is a really nice bloke and knows his stuff. He fitted Tom Lowe before his record breaking bike split at Kona, he has his own pro Tri Team he sponsors and he fits all those guys too. His sister is a national TT champion (10, 25,50,100 mile and 1000 mile TT's and LEJOG and 24hr endurance events) he also does her bike fits.

    He fitted me on my Ordu and the huge major of our TRi club go to see him - I drive up from surrey at least once a month, others travel from Scotland, Cornwall etc - all over the UK.

    You may dismiss it cos it seems so far away but believe me - I wouldn't keep going back and neither would any of my friends if he was crap.


    E mail him on the shop@btownbikes.com

    Call him on 01922 411 180

    I can't say much more tbh. Good luck

    Tell him Ben sent you
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