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A Life Without Limits

Who's read Chrissie Wellingtons new book? What are your thoughts on it?


  • Hey TTH,
    I've given it a read on the kindle and it had me rivetted from start to finish. It's written in a very easygoing style and I found myself drawn into it with her with remarkable ease.

    I'd highly recommend it to anyone, not just tri geeks as the other parts of her life before taking up triathlon are equally as interesting.

  • ScoutyScouty Posts: 8
    Took it with me on holiday last week thinking it would make for a good holiday read and I ended up finishing it by the time I reached the resort!

    Brilliant read, very honest in places and thoroughly inspiring; well worth it.
  • My 10yr old bought it last week & had it signed. I got to it first and read it. Really enjoyed it. Probably wont be appreciated by my daughter at the moment though but I'm sure she will give it a go!
  • I'm only half way through and yes I'd agree that it's all very revealing, honest and interesting. However, from what I've read so far, it moves very quickly and skims over most of what she's talking about in the briefest way possible.

    Having read David Millar's book 'Racing through the dark' before this, it was similarly honest, maybe more so, but went into a lot more detail about the emotions and feelings of going through the situations that he's talking about, while still being funny and engaging. I felt I got to know him far more than I have so far Chrissie Wellington.

    I guess that's the reason her book is so short, it's a bit of a whirlwind tour through her life rather than covering anything in depth and really getting to know her. I'm not drawn into the book so much and find it easy to put down and leave at the moment which I wasn't expecting after all the positive reviews.
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