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Going from Sprint to Olympic distance

Hi all,

Just finished my first sprint distance tri....Loved it! Now I would like to tackle an olympic distance tri (19th May) Do you think its possibIe? To give you some background, (54 year old guy, 78kg reasonably fit) I started training for the sprint before Christmas, but have been swimming on a regular basis for 3 years (did the swim leg of a team half iron man) and varous ocean races (750 m) and have been riding a road bike for 2 years, so the run is the weak point. (I have been running 70 to 80 mins twice a week) for the build up to the sprint. My time for the sprint was 15:48 swim, 35:57 bike, 27:44 run. What do think? Can I do it?

Peter Mc


  • Of course you can
  • pmcreefpmcreef Posts: 2
    Thanks for that.... Any ideas on what sort of training regime to build the distance increase ?

  • marshy01ukmarshy01uk Posts: 19
    The main focus should be uping all of the distances in your training, Olympic and above is more about getting your pacing right on the day. My experience has been while I can redline on a sprint if you try that in an Olympic you'll just blow. Always do most of your training within Z2 which again for me was hard to do as in sprint training it was all about speed and more speed but to prove how effective it is I finished my first Olympic distance running a 41.20 10k comfortably. Now compare that to my previous best sprint 5km time of 20.20 on my knees it is a great achievement for me as I do not have a running background. I'm now in training for my first half ironman and have been using the Be Iron fit book by Don Fink which has been invaluable to me.
    Hope that helps a little....ps I am no expert but it has worked for me
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