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Anemia and Iron Distance

Whilst training for my first iron distance event i have been diagnosed as having anemia. It essentially means my red blood cells are not able to transport oxygen to my muscles efficiently and training/exercise is therefore much harder work... i've lost signifcant time on average run speed, HR goes well out of zone (170+) on even gentle hills, and feel lightheaded from time to time, especially when hitting the gym.

my diet is fine... i get more than 100% my RDA iron intake from breakfast alone so am unsure what to do.

DR's have not recommended supplements, but further diagnosis to try and find the cause. in the meantime, my training is suffering, and the race date is approaching. It will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to get my bloods back to normal if the cause of iron-loss can be identified.

essentially, its crunch time and i need to make a decision as to whether i should continue to aim for the event (outlaw on 1st July) knowing that as i should be really starting to build up to my peak over the next few weeks i will really be struggling to hit previous training levels, or do i drop out, establish the cause and try again next year...

has anyone else encountered this iron deficiency, and how was it overcome? any advice as to whether i should contine to train at same levels as before, or am i just exacerbating situation? i'm totally torn and would appreciate any advice that anyone can offer.... Help!!!!
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