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Bike Fitting Service - Anyone recommend one?


Can anyone recommend a good bike fitting service? My local bike shop does it but Im not sure its the best advice. Im training for my first Ironman in a months time and am suffering from lower back pain since upping my distances. My back is giving out before my legs ! Ive found numerous options online with fancy websites etc. but you cant tell from that if they are any good...recommendations gratefully received.



PS, somewhere in Surrey ideally


  • Actually, found one called Bike Dynamics - anyone had experience of them?
  • Hi
    I used Bike Dynamics last month, had put off getting my bike fitted as just thought it was a bit of an un-needed luxury, but as I am doing an ironman this year thought I'd go for it....so glad I did!!!

    Couldn't recommend Bike Dynamics enough!!
  • What IM is in a months time ?
  • the triathlon shop in bristol does bike fits when you buy a new bike off them. they set me up for my first tri bike (used to ride a road bike). it took about an hour to set up and the bike is great over 40/50 miles.
  • What about 60 or 70 miles ?

    Is it any good then ?
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