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Ironman UK Logistics (Split transition etc.)

Does anyone have experience of this race? Was just wondering how difficult it is with registration,transitions and pasta party all seemingly miles apart.Are there shuttles or even good transport links and what`s the story with bike/bag collection after the race?
Any information would be appreciated.


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Its all pretty well organised mate, I did it in 2010.

    You just have to have recce'd both Registration and T2 location prior to handing in your bags. Not sure on public transport but easy peasy to drive around, I would suggest dropping your swim-2-bike bag off first, then drive to Rivington and hand in your Bike-2-run bag, then literally 5 mins down the road is the Reebok Stadium where the pasta party and race brief is normally held, you could even walk there from T2.

    All bags once you have used them get collected up and taken to the town hall in Bolton, when you finish you are filtered into the town hall to collect bags/stuff your face/receive medical/massage etc so dont worry about your bags.
  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Thanks for the reply.I`m thinking of staying near the Reebok arena but won`t have a car with me as I`m flying over from Ireland.So I wonder if I should hire a car or just use local taxis to get around.Any thoughts?
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    HIre car all the way as taxis tend to be a pain when you have a bike, either they dont entertain the idea or youll pay for it!

    T1 is about 15 miles away from T2....you would only need a hire car for racking the bike/bags... if your staying near the reebok then taxi would be cheaper to get to the race briefing etc.

    I would personally go for the hire car for the whole weekend as then your not reliant on public transport etc and you are free to do what you like.... (within reason and nothing illegal )

    hope this helps
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