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tri fest in kent.

Finally got on to it at http://www.trifest.co.uk/. The full website apparently launches end of this month.
Looks like it could be quite good. Bewl water is a really decent area. Hopefully it wont be too expensive!


  • Cheers for that.

    It does look pretty good. Could be a nice wee weekend away.

    What's the normal going rate for something like this?
  • Definitely! No idea on the price though sadly. Never seen something like this before..but I imagine it'll be a hefty price tag as it includes the camping, racing, talks, stalls!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    oooh, i like the look of that...hope its not too expensive though
  • I went onto the trifest Facebook page and asked how much it would be.

    "Less than a hundred pounds" was the reply.

    Not bad I rekon. That gets you everything, race entry, music festival, camping, pasta party etc.

    Considering how much events like London and so on cost its not bad for .a full weekends entertainment
  • VERRRY interesting

    know the location very well as my missus used to row for the local rowing club and I've run/walked it enough times. also has a great run in summer - the Bewl 15

    it's about time the reservoir was used more for swimming events as it's generally been banned as it seems to upset the fishing people who get very upset when anything comes near them that isn't a fish - and they don't see many of them in my experience!!

    the last time there was anything like this was back in 2006 when Urbanrace ran an aquathlon - swim/run - although the swim had to be cut short as the water levels were too low, but we still had to do the 1/2 marathon trail run. Rich Stannard started last in the swim and still managed to beat everyone else - including those in earlier swim waves!! he went past me in the water like a rocket

    be interesting to see what the full plans are
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