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Supinator Running Shoes


Apologies if this topic has been covered previously. At the end of my first season on triathlon (after 20 odd years of rugby) and getting fed up with very sore feet after every run session, I decided to get some advice from my local physio. It turns out I'm a supinator/under pronator and with the wrong sort of running shoes this was contributing to all the pain.

So my question is can anyone recommend a good pair of running shoes for a supinator? Also if anyone has any experience of this it would be good to hear about your experience - and whether switching shoes actually made any difference.



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Don't experience under pronation myself but I am a fan of Asics, suggest you look at their shoe advisor tool http://www.asics.co.uk/running/shoe_adv ... e/running/

    And also get a gait analysis, again Asics have recommended retailers who do gait analysis http://www.asics.co.uk/store_locator/

    They also do road shows.

    I believe that these are also suitable for under pronators:
    Nike Linar Glide, Air Pegasus, Mizuno Wave Rider, Brooks Radius

    But definitely get yourself to a good running shop, if you let us know where you live I am sure someone can recommend a shop to you.
  • Ah, I thought it was just me ! I hit the ground on the outside edge of my foot just behind my little toe joint ! I run in Mizuno Wave Riders and I don't have any pain, niggles or bother, and I am running about 60km a week at the mo. The only problem with the Mizuno is the build quality, they wear out really quickly. They are a neutral shoe, I'm not sure if there is a shoe for supinators, I've only ever seen stability shoes for pronators and neutral shoes. If it's causing you problems a gait analysis and some custom shoes might be best. Good luck !
  • Thanks - managed to find a local running shop that does gait analysis so will hopefully get a chance this weekend to pop in. Hopefully pain free (well for my feet anyway) running is on the horizon.

  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    I'm the same. Never had a gait analysis, but I wear my shoes in that pattern. I've found that stable shoes with very firm cushioning are best (I've even run in squash shoes - they were a bit heavy but worked very well).

    I've heard that Mizuno make some good shoes for it (and I had a pair of their racing shoes once that were great), although I've settled on Adidas Sequence and Asics 1140. They're stable shoes, but not too over-the-top. the Adidas wear through the outsole in less than 600km, but I'm getting +800km out of the Asics. At that point, the heels of the shoes look as though I've hardly taken a step in them and it's frustrating to have to throw them away because the outsole's worn through elsewhere.
  • I under pronate as well, and had real trouble when running with pain in the anterior tibialis. After a lot of research and trying on of various makes, I settled on the Asics Nimbus 12 and haven't looked back. My running has gone from strength to strength ever since. It's worth visiting the specialist shops to try as many different variations as possible, alongside the gait analysis. Hope you get sorted.
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