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Heat chamber training

Hi everyone,

We still have 4 slots available for environmental heat training at Brunel University, London this coming May and June. The training forms part of a larger research project (as previously advertised) investigating the effects of heat and dehydration on cycling performance and fatigue, with notable attention towards the responses of the brain under these conditions.

Our project is support by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) and we want to show that by drinking fluid to the level that is lost during intense exercise in the heat, we will restore these negative outcomes and improve/maintain exercise performance.

We will provide:
• a full physiological report including; VO2max, training/heart rate zones (worth ~£100)
• Up to 8 hours of training in the heat
• Calculation of your sweat rate to inform how much fluid/salt to consume in similar conditions, to prevent dehydration
• Financial compensation for your time

Requirements include;
• Males
• Aged 18-35 years
• Good training history of cycling/triathlon
• MUST be available to attend for one of the visits (full day) between the 11th - 14th or the 25th - 29th JUNE

If you wish to recieve more information, please contact Steve at; [email protected]

Many Thanks
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