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2 Triathlons in 2 days - RECARB advise

Last year I completed my first triathlon after only 5 weeks training. It was only a 200m swim, 17k bike and 5k run, but came 135 out of 350. After doing so well after only 5 weeks, I caught the bug and am doing quite a few triathlons and aquathlons this year.

My problem is I have signed up to do Blenheim on the 9th June. Great I hear you cry. That's not the problem. I really want to do the same triathlon I did last year so I can measure my improvement over the last 12 months. Unfortunately it's on the 10th June!

So I now have 2 triathlons in 2 successive days.

So, I'm after the best meal plan for the 24 hours between tris to recarb as best as possible.

I make my own post race/training shakes with protein/dextrose/maltodextrin/glutamine so my post race shake is covered. It's food over the rest of the day that I want the best possible food to recarb.




  • What distances are they ?

    I'd just monster one. Compression on, home, ice bath, re fuel, sleep get up and demolish the second.

    Job done
  • midgstermidgster Posts: 6
    LOL! That's exactly the plan, except after the compression goes on, I've got 2 of those wine bottle ice cooler "jackets" to put round my calves over the compression calf guards. Will buy a few bags of ice from Tesco's when I get back for the bath

    Both are Sprint distance. 2nd one is only a smaller local Tri and is only 200m pool swim, 17k bike, 4.5k run so a little easier.

    Just a bit gutted it's on the following day as going by my individual times for each discipline, I was hoping to get in the top 20 this year, but having competed at Blenheim only 24 hours previously it's bound to hurt my times.
  • They ate sprints. You'll be fine.

    Hammer them both. Nothing to worry about at all.

    If the 1st was an OD or above that different but two sprints. That demands a smash up
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I'd just monster one. Compression on, home, ice bath, re fuel, sleep get up and demolish the second.

    Job done
    Excellant advise, Its not just about refuel.

    I would make sure I had my recovery shake immedeately after the race.

    I dont think there is a need to fill the bath with ice, I've found just filling the bath with cold water has a good effect its murder getting in but stay still for 10 minutes and its not too bad, feels brill though when you get out and have dried off.

    Good Luck I'm sure you will smash it.
  • I didn't mean go out and buy 100 bags of ice and pour them onto a bath.

    I did mean a cold water bath

    My bad
  • midgstermidgster Posts: 6
    The recovery shake will be waiting for me at the finish line with the wife and kids.

    Don't worry, no ice in the bath, I did try it once and just couldn't lower the "meat and two veg" into that ice cold water. Cold bath will do just fine.
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