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WTD: trisuit and wetsuit (small) on a shoestring

Hi guys

I am just starting out in this Triathlon lark after getting quite fit by accident whilst attempting to lose some weight. Anyway, I want to have a crack at a triathlon, but funds are very tight at the moment with two young children (blah blah sob story – boo hoo etc. etc.) so I am trying to do the whole thing on a shoe string. Thus far I have found a mate who has an old rusty road bike for me to train and compete on, I’ve blagged a reduced entry fee to the event itself by offering to marshal at a previous event and now I am left with just the clothing essentials to get hold of, namely a tri suit and a wetsuit. I am around 5’7” tall, just over 10 stone (141 lbs or 64kg), with a 30 inch waist, so think I am roughly a “Small” by most manufacturers sizing structures but am flexible. I am in Leeds, but would be happy to travel to collect or cover reasonable postage costs.

I know its laughable but I was hoping to only spend in the region of £25 - £30 on a second hand wetsuit and a bit less on some triathlon apparel (e.g. trisuit or equivalent). I have seen one or two in this region on eBay, though I am always nervous of the reliability of the products and sellers on the site (I have been stung in the past); I have much greater faith in the like-minded brethren found on forums like this.

So if you’re a similar-sized keen triathlete with philanthropic morals and a cupboard full of old kit and would like to help out someone just getting started in the sport, I’d be spectacularly grateful to hear from you.

To hedge my bets I will shamelessly put this post out on a few forums, boards etc. so apologies if you see it a couple times but, likewise, if you know of alternative avenues I should pursue please let me know.



  • Doh, crucial omission: Men’s please
  • jcs356jcs356 Posts: 37

    I have an old (but barely used) Terrapin Sport wetsuit. It was new in 2002 (still have the receipt), I used it for I think 3 events and then upgraded to an Orca suit so it's been hanging in the garage in a garment bag ever since.

    Only issue might be sizing - I'm a wee bit larger than you - 5ft 9ins and at the time was around 11 stone. It's a size 2 which according to the terrapin website is a medium for 5ft 7 - 5ft 9 and a chest of 36 - 38 inches (http://www.terrapin-bfa.co.uk/brochure/sizes2003.htm)

    I'm near Guildford so no chance to try before you buy, but let me know if you're interested.
  • Thank you so much for getting back to me, I was beginning to think no one was going to and that my requests were asking too much.

    I guess the short answer is, yes I am interested. The slightly longer answer is dependant on sizing (as you recognise) and then the practicalities, logistics and cost. As you say, trying on for size is not feasible given our geographic locations. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to post (to Leeds)? And (most importantly) how much do you want for the suit? Depending on how much postage is would you consider selling it on the proviso that I could return it for a refund should it not fit? obviously this could scuppered if postage costs start to come close to the purchase price (if you see what I mean).

    Oh, and was there any particular reason for wanting to up-grade to an Orca quite so soon after having this one? Was the Terrapin lacking in any way?

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my plea, it is really appreciated.

    Cheers, Andrew
  • jcs356jcs356 Posts: 37
    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the delay. I only used the suit for a short while as the Orca suit was a top of the range one that I got for less than half price. The Terrapin one is a beginners suit – more info here http://www.terrapin-bfa.co.uk/brochure/sport2003.htm It isn’t quite as bling, shall we say, as the Orca, but it does the job just fine and was ideal for what I wanted it for – my first few open water triathlons to make sure I was happy and wanted to continue in the sport.

    I’ve done a rough estimate of postage and it would be around the £4.50 mark using the normal 3 day Royal Mail parcels service.

    I’ve also had a root around some of my old Tri kit. I do have a small, Speedo endurance one-piece tri suit as well that I bought for training in but didn’t really use that I could let you have as well. It is green, made of their endurance fabric and has a rear zip. Only downside from my perspective is that the shorts on it are hotpants style, which I know some people don’t get on with (I didn’t as I’ve got chunky thighs and they used to chafe when I ran ). I also have a matching full zip cycling top I’d throw in for nothing. So how would £35 for all 3 + £5 to cover postage work for you?

    If you ping me an email to jcs356 ‘at’ hotmail.co.uk (obviously replacing the ‘at’) I can email you some photos and we can continue the discussion off-line.

  • jcs356jcs356 Posts: 37
    oh, and only other thing, if you are anywhere near a TKMaxx worth having a look in there. The ones near me have some 2XU tri kit in small and x-small.
  • Thanks. I've emailed you.
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