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What's been your most embarassing training related incident?


I've been thinking about how often I make a fool of myself when it comes to sport. This was prompted by me finally taking the plunge to trunks rather than running shorts (a decision 30 years in the making), walking into the pool to see an ex girlfriend who both seemed to be giggling at my budgie smugglers. In my mind I look like Hercules, it would seem that I actually look like a lazy chimp with mange.

Then there was the time that I boasted about all the training I had done for a London to Paris cycle ride only to have a comedy 3mph 'can't get my foot out of these brand new SPD's which I have just said I have been using for weeks' in front of my new charitable friends.

I also remember one rugby season where the only two things I can remember doing ALL season were a hooked clearance from our 22 that went almost directly behind me and storming through a tackle and dotting the ball down for a 'try' which turned out to be on the 22 yard line .

I am sure there are more but my therapist has told me not to write about them. Anyone got any beauties to make me feel better?


  • wayfarerwayfarer Posts: 34
    Fortunately, embarassing tri realted incidents are related to failing to unclip pedals (though I have left T2 with my helmet on before).

    Once whilst hacking around a golf course however, I hit what I thought was quite a sweet tee shot only to see it hit concrete marker 10 yards away and rebound between my self and my playing partners.

    My golf shoes were replaced with runner shoes shortly afterwards.
  • Ga3Ga3 Posts: 14
    A few years ago, just after i had first started tri, i was out on a training ride with a mate. Who said "have you fallen off yet" to which i replied quite smuggly "No"
    At the very next set of traffic lights, they were only on green for about 3 seconds, so we had to stop very quickly. I couldnt unclip and fell straight into my mate, as cars drove past beeping their horns and laughing.
    But oh well we've all done it
  • Horters43Horters43 Posts: 17
    Ha, there is nothing that makes you feel more stupid is there?! I did it again later on the france trip next to a family in a Renault Laguna (obviously), wasnt sure what to do once I'd flopped on the grass verge so gave it a gaellic shrug and a little 'allo 'allo french grunt - I think they liked it.

    I am also a massive fan of the golf shot that ends up behind you. I took some clients for a round of golf at a really nice course - £120 a head place - one of them went for a crap in the bushes on the 5th hole!!! No one shook his hand at the end
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