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Triathlon RECCE

Hi everyone! I've launched a website www.reccemytri.co.uk to help encourage people into the sport and also give everyone involved scope to enter more races around the Country.

It's a new site and we're still getting events up, but work on it daily so hope you can check it out.

You'll find events, distances, swim routes, course maps, elevation graphs, transition profile, onsite facilities, local amenities, comments and tips left by previous competitors and a few more helpful insights.

I hope everyone finds it useful, the main attraction is we are filming the bike routes and putting them up so you can recce a route without the time and cost of travelling around the Country.

Only a few with vids so far, Perranporth - Padstow - Roadford - Reading - Helston - more on their way.

Thanks for reading


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Nice idea,and I wish you every success,however,on the one course I looked at,the route was incorrect,sorry,
  • RE: jon.E; thank you for your feedback, please let me know which race it is you were viewing as our maps come directly from event organisers and we certainly don't want any conflicting information on our site. Thanks for spotting it and hope you can get back to me.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Thanks for getting back,
    PM has been sent regarding the possible error.All the best for the website.
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