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Upgrade Current Road Bike or buy a Triathlon Bike ??


I currently own a ladies BeOne Leontien Team Replica roadbike, I'm not sure whether to upgrade this bike with some aerobars, better rims and tires or to buy a triathlon bike ?
I'm thinking of either a Planet x stealth pro, Quintana Roo CD.01 or Felt B16.
I basically want to increase my speed when I'm racing (Triathlon sprint & middle)
I average 17-19mph in races and 14-16mph in training.
One other thing I don't understand the difference between different chainsets: Eg 53/39, 52/38......

Thanks for your help !



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I will give my example using the same race for the bike splits:
    MTB; 1:05
    Road bike; 52
    Tri bike (alu); 49
    Tri bike (carbon); 46
    Tri bike (carbon, deep section wheels); 44

    I did however leap from a road bike to tri bike rather than clip ons, wheel upgrade etc.

    If you decide to upgrade your bike then the cheapest bang for the buck are aerobars, wheel upgrades can always be transferred if you switch bike.

    If you put bars on your geometry will be different so your position will need to be adjusted, bike fit recommended. Have a read of this, detailed so take it in chunks

    Your present bike has what is called a compact where the diameter of the bolts on the chain ring is 110mm. I believe you have 50/34 rings, i.e. 50 teeth on the outer and 34 on the inner, I think your cassette is also 11-32. I also run a compact and IMHO a 34 is only useful where you are constantly climbing hills, a far more useful inner ring ring is 36 but a 39 is even better for reasonably flat events.

    I prefer 'compacts' over 'standards' (130mm bolt dia which have minimum of 53 teeth) and suggest if you do get a tri bike that you also get a compact with a 50/36 (you can always get a 39 and swap about as needed - easy peasy 15min tops).

    If you really want to go for it get a tri bike, get sized up by a bike fitter to get the right frame and then get a bike fit. I had one done and it is well worth it.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Woops sorry forgot to put to put this link in http://www.slowtwitch.com/mainheadings/ ... kefit.html

    Written by the bloke who basically invented the tri bike
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