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Doping in Sports Survey

Hi everyone,

Sorry for plugging my survey. I am a student conducting a study on the perceptions of doping in sport. More specifically whether there is a difference in perceptions between the general public, and those who do sport. The link is below.

Thanks for reading.



  • Spam ?

    Who are you ?

    WHo is the survey for ? governing bodies ?

    Are you a PhD student for example ?

    I personally thinks it s a tad rude to rock up, register and plug this kind of "survey"

    If no one objects I'm going to delete this in 3 days. Feel free to tell me to leave it here.
  • mulemule Posts: 8
    Not spam

    I am an undergrad student from kingston university conducting a study on whether there are different opinions between sports participants and non sports participants.

    I have been a member of this forum for 3years
  • mule
     Posts: 8
    Joined: 16 Jun 2010 13:04
    3 years you say ? That's 22 months is it not ?

    You've posted the request under a second registered name ( albeit similar) but it shows 1 post - alarm bells ringing for spam right there.

    You seem to have made 8 posts in your
    Three years
    Maybe I'm being harsh but I like people to contribute a tad before they whack a survey on the forum & expect people to fill it in.

    I have seen other surveys from undergraduates and PhD students on other forums before. They tend to give a brief overview of who they are, where they are studying, who if any is or will have access to the findings etc

    Sadly as you seem to have overlooked this it looked a bit suspect to me. My bad

    Consider yourself awarded a simple pass.

    C- in old money

    Good luck
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