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I broke my leg several years ago and now have 2 steel pins in my lower right leg. Can any body advise if I could run , having not done a tri for 4 years


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    If in doubt see your GP. No too many medical experts on this forum. The better half broke both tib & fib just above the ankle (v.nasty) with lots of ankle joint damage as well. Pins, plates the works. These were later removed. She now runs regularly and has since taken up tri.

    She cannot be alone

    If you get the OK start at the very beginning & build up cautiously. You will have lost a lot of muscle/strength, your nervous system will need to relearn the movement patterns and your cardiovascular system will need to re-plumb itself. Some strength work & gait training may also help.

  • OzzieOzzie Posts: 3
    Been advised by the surgeon, I risk losing my leg if the plate and pins are removed, I was no weight bearing on crutches for 10 months.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    But the injury was several years ago !! Of course you can run

    Have you tried ?

    Did it cause pain ?

    Just put on a pair if shoes and run. If you get pain specific to your injury site then stop.

    I really don't understand your concerns. The surgery was a perminent solution to your fracture. Of course no one is going to remove the plates - they now form part of your boney structure.

    Just do it.
  • TriNewbieTriNewbie Posts: 2
    I had a triple fracture and dislocation of my left leg / ankle and had it all pinned back together.

    18 months on from that accident I ran my local 10k and am now training for a half marathon and for my first tri.

    You will have to take it easy at first and chances are you will have a slightly odd gait. To compensate for this you will need to have very good running form. Lots of strength and conditioning training helps enourmously with this.

    The benefit of learning to run the second time is that you can avoid all the mistakes you made the first time.

    Best of luck
  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    Hi Ozzie,
    I work in a Musculoskeletal Physio department so see this type of injury fairly regulary. Obviously the need for pinning means the fracture was a complex one at the time. But as the previous post stated the bone would have healed long ago and the 'pinning' of the bones was to enable the healing as opposed to providing extra long term stability in the joint.

    Therefore, there is no reason from a bone strength point of view why you shouldnt run UNLESS specific reasons were given by your surgeon or physio stating otherwise. I would start with a jog/walk session of no more than 10 minutes with 15 second jogs and build up from there. After this amount of time without running and im presuming little cardio work then the muscles in your legs will likely hurt to start with. If you build up gradually, listen to you body if becomes painful, you should be fine.

    Good luck.

  • Ozzie wrote:
    Been advised by the surgeon, I risk losing my leg if the plate and pins are removed, I was no weight bearing on crutches for 10 months.
    Don't bother about it,I suggest you that you must visit a specialist surgeon and surely you are cured by.
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