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New Wheels

I was looking for new wheels as an upgrade for my carbon bike, I going down the line of Mavic 'Cosmic Carbone SL' anyone got any other suggestions????


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    If you like the mavics just buy planet x - same wheels 1/3 price

    Bladed spokes, Alu rim, carbon faring etc

    It all depends on how much dosh you've got
  • dmmooredmmoore Posts: 4
    or something between the P-X & Mavics.

    http://www.spincycleworks.com/servlet/t ... ILT/Detail
  • willieverfinish wrote:
    If you like the mavics just buy planet x - same wheels 1/3 price
    Absolutely untrue. From working in a bike shop and seeing mavics regularly and the PX ones too, they are not the same wheel. Let me guess, the PX carbon tubulars are the same as zipp firecrests?

    Get the best wheels you can afford, they make a difference and the quality of build makes an incredible difference to their handling and thus your confidence. This can make you go slower if you get cheap twitchy wheels.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Why are they different ?

    I don't doubt that they are then - you seem sure and have experience but what's different about them ?

    Of course I'm not gonna suggest that they are the same as Zipps.
  • Im also considering carbon wheels (did my 1st IM distance this year and I seemed to be the only one without them!) and trying to understand the best way to go. PX are so cheap, Im not sure how good they would be. How about eBay what is the verdict on 2nd hand wheels ??

    The other question I have is about the benefit. Someone recently told me that upgrading BB and jockey wheel bearings to ceramic would offer efficiency gain but not sure how this compares to wheels.

    Anyone had experience of the Hopes that won the recent mini test in 220 mag?


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    I'd take what 220 reviews say with a massive pinch of salt.

    I can't help but think the results are a tad "odd" if you get my drift.

    Thumbing through the mag they haven't updated any of their recommended items for ages
  • Big TonyBig Tony Posts: 16
    Sounds like its the Mavic wheels for me then, better earn some brownie points as well
  • The PX wheels Ive used and worked on have ALL (not shouting, just emphasising!) had very irregular lay ups, the surface is far from smooth, when spun in a wheel truing stand the carbon 'fairing' weaves in and out while the tyb/clincher surface remains straight. Add to that when used they flexed so much (Im 5ft 10, 74kg...not huge or strong) I got the tyre to touch each seat and chainstay when sprinting out of the saddle. Never got this to happen with any other wheel used in that bike - mavic, xentis, zipp, ffwd, enve (im lucky, I work in the industry but have no work or sponsorship or more importantly advertising bias). Add to this that the bike, an Orbea Ordu, was extraordinarily twitchy with the PX wheelset in position.

    My shout would be to look at mavic or ffwd - both reputable wheel brands, both develop their own kit, both used in the pro peletons of the world which should count for something because they give their wheels a battering. You dont see cheap chinese carbon (px without the graphics) on pro teams or ridden by pro riders.

    Some may see this as snobbery but if I were in your position Id either get the mavics (or my preference ffwd f6's) or save my money. I feel that £400 on PX or chinese carbon is a waste of £400 rather than saving £500.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Add to this that the bike, an Orbea Ordu, was extraordinarily twitchy with the PX wheelset in position.
    Ah, here we go.

    I have a Ordu with planet x 60mm clinchers

    It's stable as one would expect - that said I've not used any other wheels so I don't have anything to compare them too. What kinda of power are you putting down to get that much flex ?
  • simon66simon66 Posts: 1
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  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I agree!!!

    I use fast forward wheels(sponsored) I have the F9R tubular wheel set, F4R clincher wheel set, an F5R front all for this season and in the past had a full F5R wheel set, disc and F6R front. All mega awesome wheels.

    Before I got the sponsorship I has PX 101 and 50 wheelset, they flexed like they made of rubber not carbon fibre! Regular rubbing on the stays and actually moving my brake blocks when under stress.

    Waste of money buying these cheap wheels. They are cheap for a reason.

    Iv been to the Frwd factory in zwolle in holland and they showed my the process of how they build their wheels from scratch all the way through to being bagged and boxed up to be sent out! I even had a set made for me whilst I was there!

    Save your money buy a brand who have the money to spend on development and research not a company who just find the cheapest carbon fibre wholesaler in Taiwan or where ever.
  • ChristopheChristophe Posts: 12
    Talking of wheels,
    what are old (pre 2009) zipp 404's like/worth?
  • jordyaljordyal Posts: 18
    Well i've a set of P/X wheels 82/101 with good tubulars & think they are fantastic.
    At my level I can't justify the additional spend of FF / Zipps, but the P/X feel fast & therefore give me the confidence to go fast.

    Never had any issues with flex & i'm somewhat heavier than the svelt 74kgs guys on here are quoting.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Its about how much power you put out rather than how heavy you are.

    I just think there is some wheel snobbery going on here.

    Dont get me wrong I am a HUGE kit monster but realy - how much faster will I be on Zipps over PX's.

    30 seconds

    I'll just pedal a bit harder shall I or use facilities before i race ?
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