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A rant - read in

OK folks.

If you want to sell something then great. Triathlon is expensive and there are some great bargains to be had - we can all use and pass on awesome bits of kit that we have no real use for.

I am all for re-cycling in this manner but do me a favour........

If you make a post in ANY folder have the common courtsey to reply to those good people who take the time and effort to reply to you request.

Its not on IMHO to make a post trying to sell something then to simply ignore those asking for more details etc. Its plain rude.

As such - there may well be a cull in posts in the for sale section.

If you dont reply to your oewn advert in 3 months you face your advert being deleted.

I dont care how long they stay there for but update or edit them or if you sell them post a reply saying SOLD.

This keep this fresh.

People are registering just to flog stuff - fine but be respectful and courtious to those potential buyers

Rant over - feel free to shoot me down or have your say but it grates on me.


Now.... anyone want a new pair of running shoes ......


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