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Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL versus Kyserium SL

Looking to upgrade and think I have narrowed it down to one of these two. Anyone got any advice or experience with these wheels.Any thoughts/views welcome. Thanks.


  • Kdboe1Kdboe1 Posts: 1
    Probably too late given the date of this post but I have the Mavic SL's and they are a fantastic set of wheels! I did a fair bit of research before taking the plunge and the positive reviews have proven accurate.
  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Which ones did you get? Carbone or Kyseriums?
  • marshy01ukmarshy01uk Posts: 19
    Kdboe1 which SL's?
  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Well I bit the bullet and got the Carbone SLs. Have ridden them a few times now and they are beautiful.I put Conti 4000s on them and cannot believe the difference from the factory wheels which came on the bike.They roll really well and I`m sure my average speed is a couple of miles an hour faster.Also I`ve used them on a very windy day and didn`t have the issues I expected. Would really recommend these if you`re thinking of upgrading.
    And they look fantastic which is the most important thing about triathlon.Isn`t it?
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