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New to Wetsuits

Just tried out my wetsuit for the first time last night went well strange at first but seem to got used to it. My question is should water seep in around the zip not much but when pulled wetsuit off it was wet in side and my shorts wet is this common. Read Chrissie Wellingtons article about an ill fitting wetsuit filling up with water my wetsuit seems to fit ok quite snug its a second hand hire suit as I'm new to triathlon and wanted to keep cost down.


  • Yes, a small amount of water will get in & keep you warm...hence why its called a wetsuit.
    So as much as we would like to keep dry while swimming...it wont happen!
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As above, and in fact useful to 'flush' the suit i.e. scoop some water in through the neck to get a layer of water in so that it comes off quickly in T1.
  • CydweliCydweli Posts: 6
    Thanks for you reply and advice only two weeks until my first Triathlon in Blemhiem can't wait
  • See you there then!
  • SuperSonicSuperSonic Posts: 18
    If you are feeling water washing into the suit all the time, then the fit may be bad or the neck may be loose - but as others have said it is called a wetsuit because you do get wet. The other option is a dry suit - that keeps you dry - but really only divers wear these in very cold water.

    See you at Blenheim
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