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I'm looking to buy my first TT Bike and after doing quite a bit of research I've decided on either the Planet X Pro Carbon Dura Ace at £1999.99 or the Quintana Roo Cd.01 Dura Ace at £3499.99. There is quite a big price jump between the two and I'm not sure if the Roo is worth the extra £1500.00?? Any advice about either of the bikes would be appreciated thanks !
I also like the new Q/Roo CD.01 Ultegra but that costs £1999.99 so I'm guessing here that I'd be getting more for my money by going for the Planet X Dura Ace instead.....Or is the P/X too good to be true at that price??
I currently ride a Ladies BeOne Leontien Team Replica Road Bike and compete in Sprint Triathlons.
Going for a TT Bike to upgrade on components and hopefully ride that bit faster in my races !
Thanks again.


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Looking at it from the info you have given, I would have gone for the QR Ultegra, and then used the £1500 on a decent wheelset, better speed advantage then using Dura Ace for the money. (I am biased towards QR, and the only experience I have of Planet X is from people saying how good they are).

    Look at the package as a whole, compare the wheels, and how good is the warranty, some are only a couple of years, others a life time.

    Lastly fit is King, or Queen,

    sorry no help whatsoever.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Of the 2 I like the Roo (hey that rhymes )

    As you know the most important thing is how good it looks in the photos So does the colour scheme suit? The Roo has the shifter and brake cables going into the top of the toptube so nice and clean set up, rear shielded brake, front brake behind the fork (although some debate on aero efficiency but that is quibbling really). Decent enough wheels

    PX are nice bikes, they sell because they do the business and have a very good rep, the Roo is just a bit different and I have not heard a bad thing about the Roo so it is really down to fit/personal prefernce.

    Then there is of course the Trek Speed Concept 7.0 - stop it John you are being naughty.
  • forrester76forrester76 Posts: 10

    Thanks for the advice !! However change of plan !!
    I've now decided £3400.00 is too much to spend on a bike so I've ruled out the Quintana Roo Dura Ace.

    I now need to decide between the Planet x Pro Carbon Dura Ace at £1999.99 or the Quintana Roo CD.01 Ultegra in black and Green at £1999.99
    I love the look of the Roo however will I be getting more for my money buying the P. X as it has the Dura Ace mechs etc ??
    also not sure if the Q. Roo is enough of an upgrade from my current BeOne Team Leontien Ladies Road Bike.....

    At a push I would go for the P. x Exocet which is in the sale at the moment at £2300.00 but I need to draw the line somewhere !

    I race in Sprint Triathlons......

    Any thoughts on the best bike out of these would be fab....

    Thanks again

  • midgstermidgster Posts: 6
    Planet X Exocet 2 SRAM Force now only £1999!!!

    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CBP ... al_edition

    That's where my 2 grand would go!

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Well £2k will get you a decent bike with:

    PX Exocet Jubilee http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CBP ... al_edition My thoughts ... but how strong a cyclist are you? It has a 53/39 standard and if you are not going to hold 53/11 or 53/12 then think Compact 50/39, 50/36 or 50/34, Also think crank lengths, if your inseam is 29 or shorter then you should be looking at crank length of 165, no more than 170.

    The Roo is different and the majority of people will not see the difference between Ultegra or DA, again it has a standard set up

    The reason why I am harping on about compacts is that your current bike is a compact and I like them a lot, a 50/11 is bigger than a 53/12

    One I have referred to before is the Trek Speed Concept 7.0, has about 90% of the features of the SC 9.0. SRAM Apex mechs are pretty decent and again you have them on your current bike. Very flexible you can swap out the inner with 34, 36, 39 depending on the course.
    http://www.btownbikes.com/products.php? ... 36s16p1984
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