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Cycling - sore right shoulder

Good evening all.

Firstly to introduce myself, I'm Gary, from Derbyshire, and new to the world of triathlon. I got my first bike in March, and did my first duathlon in October.

Since then I haven't done much training until last week due to a holiday. Last week I did a 48 mile ride and yesterday 30 miles. On both rides, my right shoulder (the front part) has started aching and I was wondering if anyone has suffered from this before. Someone has suggested it was a stitch, another has said my saddle might be too high. I lowered it yesterday but was still suffering. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance


  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    i think i get the same, feels like a stitch to me, weird place to have one
    but your holding your body upright on your bars for a long time and pushing hard so most blood is going to the legs
    this is my un professional opinion lol
    never lasts to long tho when i get it
  • Most shoulder pain while cycling is due to either a slightly wrong bike fit or keeping your arms stiff while riding.

    The angle your arms make with your body in your normal position should be about 90 degrees and your arms should be slightly bent all the time. If your reach is longer then your stem might be too long and vica-versa.

    Hope that helps
  • BaldiloxBaldilox Posts: 11
    I remember also getting a similar 'ache' across the right shoulder. I agree with the previous posts of checking saddle and handlebar heights as the first port of call. Often however it is just muscle soreness as you are not used to being in a riding position for over 1.5-2 hours. This generally eases as you spend more time in the saddle (along with the saddle soreness which im sure is also a nice byproduct of your new bike training ) so after having a bike fitting i would try and not worry about it and see how it goes.

    If it doesnt resolve, seek advice from a physio.

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