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Bike advice appreciated

Hi, I'm from a mountain bike background and so my general race bike knowledge isn't great. I am going to spend around £1k on my first road bike. After reading and research I'd narrowed it to a giant defy 1 or trek 2.1. I went to cycle surgery today to get advice - who sell both bikes - and they threw a real curve ball in suggesting a cube peloton race - the reason is a mich better finishing kit - Easton wheels, 105 groupset etc. the bike looked great - but what do I know. Any advice or help. The guy was very knowledgable and sold all 3 bikes - so tempted to go with it. Finally should I be buying a bike with a compact or triple gear set -& my feeling is compact. Thanks.


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    willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Or a full carbon planet x

    Or a Ribble

    Whatever u go for make sure the salesman doesn't bullshit you into a bike that's not the right size.
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    my opinions here...the cube has good finishing kit yet but a god awful $40 frame. Its the frame that gives the riding position, feel and ultimately any emjoyment. The componentry compliments a frame but cannot make up for it. This argument also passes over to the ribble and PX. Cheap carbon is such a negative economy, looking to upgrade a frame before components doesnt work really - for me at least, it seems that a growing number of people are fine with buying a bike with a shoddy frame but I still prefer to get value for money rather than cheap.

    The trek would win for me having owned a previous incarnation if choosing between those. Otherwise, look at the felt f85 which offers 105 rear mech, 10 speed, carbon forks and post, tapered head tube and is £799...leaving you spare money over the others.
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    SuperSonicSuperSonic Posts: 18
    I spent this amount myself recently and did quite a lot of research.

    Fit is very important as you spend more time static on a race bike - so do sit on bikes and ideally ride them as well as following advice.

    Good alu frames are as light and better than cheap carbon ones. I got a cannondale caad 10 with 105 for about a grand from pauls cycles and I'm very happy with my choice.

    The frame is excellent and if I want to upgrade e.g. wheels in future then I can.
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    MiffyMiffy Posts: 6
    Have to totally agree with the Trek option over the cheapo mail order options.
    Finding yourself a good local dealer, with a brand that offers quality will result in a far better performance and value. Get in with a local dealer that knows his onions and you will find that not only do you get a bike that delivers, but a base of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm that will take you further than the pressing of an enter key.
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