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Advice needed

I am new to this site. My previous post asked about running with pins in my leg, I have seen a pyshio and he has advised not to run as the plate is not securred at the top and with rub and vibrate against my shin as the the screws are in the lower half. Have no probs on a sprung treadmill.

My question is are there events for swim and bike only, as I am already a outdoor swimmer


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Take a look on Tri 24/7 or entry central
  • gavinphezgavinphez Posts: 3
    Why not enter as a relay member? Or as our founder did had a very successful career not finishing during one particular season (many years ago, Ed!).

    Perhaps take a look at some open water swimming events, The Henley Swim is a great event and we'd always whole heartedly recommend road racing to anyone who listens.

    Great to hear that you've not been put off exercise of any sort. Great!
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