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wimbleball gear set up

cassette help for wimbleball..

im just wondering on some advice from you, im riding a giant defy 2 2012 compact 34/50 front and 12x30 rear. I've read that i should be riding 12-27 or 12-25 at the back but surley a 30 tooth is better than a 25?

should i go ahead with cmy current set up, or will changing them benifit me on those 52 hills??



  • SuperSonicSuperSonic Posts: 18
    Surely the right gearing for one person is not necessarily the right gearing for another person. All comes down to fitness, climbing ability etc.

    I'd leave it as it is, unless you have good personal reasons to change it.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Have you ridden the course yet ?

    How are you as a climber ?

    There are other things to consider other than swapping your cassette out...some other bike adjustments may need to be done.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As above, your bike setup should enhance your strengths and compensate for weaknesses. Compacts feature in the Mountain stages of Tour de France with some riders and cassettes assembled for each stage e.g. 11-36

    Whatever suits you best is the setup you should use - good luck
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    As siad above it all depends on your abilities and what you are comfortable with - I have raced Wimbleball nce and ridden the course twice. Inmy opinion its not that hilly - there are only 3 main hills, two of which are very steep but fairly short the other just drags on a bit - then theres the drag out of transition to the looped course.

    I rode all 3 times on my TT bike without any issue at all and thats with a 54-42 front and a 12-27 rear and i am not th best climber.

    Go with what your are happy with normally - certainly dont change for a harder set up than you usually have or you will run into issues.

    On the ownhill side, unfortunately, there isntmuch continious downhill due to turns and junctions so you I would't worry about the high end gearing too much, main bit is tghe downhill to T2 and at that point you will be wanting to get off the bike not go faster ..
  • samwookiesamwookie Posts: 28
    im a good climber. i enjoy them more than the flat courses.

    i cant ride the bike course as i live in london, but a regular on box hill/its surrounding roads that are almost the same elevation but shorter (a217 reigate - m25)

    Thanks for your tips. ill keep the set up as it is. less hassle. i know what ive got to use then

    enjoy the season!
  • I did this race last year and doing it again this week. I rode with a 53/39 and 11/28 and it was fine and will do the same. That being said, this year I've done plenty more hills, including a week in the Alps last July.

    I'm more worried about the state of the running track. With all the rain and 2/3rds of the course on grass and woody trails and 2,000 racers, it's going to be a marsh! Trail shoes with strong laces will be the order of day.
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