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London Triathlon Which category?

Hi All, new to Triathlon so apologies if this a daft question. Thinking of entering the London Triathlon in 2011 (Olympic Distance) but we're unsure which category to enter. Is there much difference between an age category and the Open category? i.e. Is the Open category busier in the swim with more competitors or is there no real difference apart from early/later start times? Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • The real difference is with the "age" race, you'll be in a wave of people of similar age, but not talent. In the "open", then it's with people of all ages. Down to personal choice really.

    Ideally, you need to find out which race is on the Sunday morning, as that is the Westminster Route which takes you into the heart of London, and is the most desirable route. The Sunday afternoon routes is less so.

    Either way, enjoy
  • What TRIumphant said.
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    I entered Age group. But the thing with Open is so that if you are racing someone you know you can make it more enjoyable.

    Wave starts at London are on the large side. IIRC my one last year was around 300 people. So I suspect it will make no difference either way if that's your concern.
  • The other benefit with the Sunday morning Westminster route is that you rack and race on the day so you don't have to mess about going in on the Saturday afternoon to do it. I raced in age group so I knew I was with a load of old farts just like me
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    You're not Richard Branson are you?
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