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Starting out

I am determined to start triathlons this year but i am really struggling with the swim. I just cannot seem to get the breathing right to be able to crawl the full distance. Is it worth just mixing crawl with breast stroke and pick an early Tri or continue training until i get the crawl right before starting? Has anyone else been in this situation and be able to provide some advice?


  • I was the same when I started out then I went to a few coached sessions with my local tri club and now I'm breathing like I should and swimming further than I ever could. One thing good technique allows you to do is time your stroke to your breating to find a good efficient rhythm, if you are anything like I was you'll be trying to swim too hard and gasping for air whenever you can. Get yourself to a few coached sessions and you'll improve beyond belief, I know I have.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Generally the only stroke not allowed is backstroke ( some dispensations may be obtained ), providing you can do the distance no matter what stroke that is all that counts, the swim is only a small percentage of the race, and if you just go along to any race and watch the swim, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    If we all waited until we improved we would never race
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