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Just how much quicker does a wetsuit make you?

Hi, Can anyone shed anylight on this subject. I'm just getting back into my swimming, trying to build up my endurance and currently cover 1500ms (in the pool) in around 32 mins. (i know ... i need to speed up ) Never worn a wetsuit before but heard that just by wearing one, it will automatically speed up your swim times due to the buoyancy effect. Is this true and if so how much quicker (obviously just after a ball park figure here) will it make you?


  • BarGolfBarGolf Posts: 10
    It will speed you up because of the extra buoyancy on the legs which results in less drag.

    If you already have good swimming form then it'll help you less (your legs won't be dragging). Judging by your time (which is similar to mine) I'd guess that you need to concentrate on form to improve your swim time - so good news.. the wetsuit will help!

    My wetsuit swim time for 1500m was 27:30, my pool time was 32:20 - so quite a saving.

    Other things to factor in though..

    - swimming too far outdoors, it can be easy to stray off the best line
    - in the pool, are you stopping and turning round or tumble turning?
    - were you drafting? I found I could pick up a tow more easily swimming outdoors in an event because of the larger number of competitors.

  • Stops me from drowning so quicker than death
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