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Thank yous

As I'm heading in to my second Iron Man, I'd like to say a few thank you's......
But first - a tiny bit of History......
2010 - Very fat and unfit. 2 sprints. Daughter diagnosed with serious genetic condition that means she'll never walk. Needs wheelchair. NHS won't pay. Mission to fund wheelchair started. Iron Man Wales 2011 entered.
2011 - Slightly less fat. Trained a bit. Completed a few more races, raising money for my daughter Beatrice. Was DNF at Iron Wales at 92 miles on the bike. Was rather sad. Had let my daughter, myself and my club down.
2012 - Picked self up and spoke to Xdream Sports. Entered Iron Man Regensburg. Trained my arse off.

That's a very potted history! If you'd like to know more, please check out the links in my signature (there was even an article in another Tri Mag.....)

And so to the thanks. Without these people I wouldn't be running a marathon right now in a weeks time on my way to becoming an Iron Man. And I wouldn't have raised a shed load of cash:

My wife. Without her, I wouldn't be able to do a thing.
My daughter. For my motivation. (and my son, for severe sleep deprivation!)
Nirvana Europe http://www.nirvanaeurope.com For providing the accomodation, flights and support for the race
Bridgtown Cycles http://www.btownbikes.com For keeping my bike in a fit state to ride! And making sure it's adapted to my ever changing frame!
http://www.bcttt.com The best triathlon club in the world. Ever. Fact.
Compressport - The best compressionwear I've ever worn http://www.compressport.uk.com
A smile for a child - the charity we work with to raise funds.
The triathlon community as a whole - for all the friendship and support over the past two year journey.

Without everyone, I wouldn't be getting to the start line, let alone the finish line.
So, in short, thankyou.
You're all awesome

p.s. If anyone wants to sponsor me, please go to:
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